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Dive Matters Seals Amy & Lennon

Posted: Tuesday 30th October 2012

It is great being a PADI SEAL !!
On my first Aqua Mission we played games like underwater Frizby, it was cool. On the next mission we had to remove our regulators underwater and blow bubbles.
I then went into the deep end for the first time, it was difficult to equalize at first but I loved it because it was really like being under the sea.
Learning to do a Fin Pivot was hard but I really liked Hovering.
I am looking forward to doing a night dive next as I think this will be a bit scary but really good fun.

Lennon Nicholls Aged 8

The best thing about being a PADI Seal is that I can clear my mask of water and I'm not scared to dive in the deep end now.  
I learned how to share air from my buddy Lennon using his octopus and Kaye was a good teacher.  
I am really looking forward to night dive next as I can use a torch to find my way and will be a  lot of fun in the dark.  
One day soon I want to do my junior open water and dive with my Dad in the real sea.    

 Amy Lynch aged 9